A Package Full of Loveliness

We have finally become fully fledged members of the Craft Gin Club and just received our first month’s package of loveliness.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Craft Gin Club; it is a subscription service you can join to be sent a new gin and associated goodies each month or quarter – we opted for the most frequent monthly option (all the gin please).

What a delight our first month’s subscription offering was! We were sent a Craft Gin Club limited edition gin from Poetic Licence. We had not been lucky enough to sample the flavorful gin of Poetic Licence yet so to receive a perfectly timed Autumn spiced edition and a sample size of their Northern Dry Gin was ideal. The Poetic Licence Spiced Cranberry and Orange Rarity Gin was delicious and a true explosion of flavour on the tongue. They have combined some of our favourite and classic gin botanicals with winter spices, balanced by fresh citrus from the orange and the sharp cranberries. We managed to hold back on the gin tasting until after lunch, although the yoghurt coated cranberries that accompanied the gin didn’t last that long!

The Poetic Licence Northern Dry Gin also contains some of that warmth and spice found in the limited edition and carries a punchy cardamom hit that we thoroughly enjoyed (transported instantly to our favourite indian curry). It was also great to read about the background of the gin and distillery in the GINNED magazine that is part of the monthly set – we have now found out about the Poetic Licence Distillery Bar that will be making its way into our calendar as a research trip and the sound of their spicy, rose Old Tom Gin is one we must sample.

Although blinkered by our love for Gin, we must also mention the tasty Cranes Cranberry Cider and Sonnet 43 The Raven Bourbon Milk Stout also included in our package; yum. Overall we have found our first experience of the Craft Gin Club exciting and delicious and already can’t wait for the November edition!