Age Verification Policy for Online Alcohol Sales


This policy applies in relation to the sale or supply of alcohol from the premises of The Little Gin Company

Name of premises licence holder: The Little Gin Company (Emma Bishop & Nicola Tavener)

Name of designated premises supervisor: Emma Bishop

The premises licence holder ensures that an age verification policy applies to the premises in respect of online alcohol sales. There are two elements to this:

  1. Age verification process on the website to protect against the sale of alcohol to someone under age prior to order/selection.
  2. Comply with the mandatory condition which relates to when the alcohol is ‘served’ i.e. at point of delivery. This requires individuals who appear to the responsible person to be under 25 years of age (challenge 25 policy) to produce on request, before being served alcohol, identification bearing their photograph, date of birth, and a holographic mark. This can include, for example:
  • A photo card driving licence
  • A passport
  • A proof of age card bearing the PASS hologram