Care for a Cocktail?

Throwing Martinis, frothy egg whites, and understanding the great Tom Collins…

All in a day’s Mixology School!

To take our bartending skills up a notch from the serving the perfect Gin & Tonic we decided it was time to embark on a little mixology mahem and join a cocktail making class with the fantastic Myles at the Mixology Group Training School in sunny Brighton.

Myles took us back to basics to teach us the foundations of creating fantastic cocktails, by understanding the flavour pairings, the process, the service, and the presentation!

Martinis, Daiquiris, Collins, Sours and Mojitos…the famous five of the cocktail world and Myles showed us how to make the ‘classic’ serve, and then how to mix it up to create something a little bit different.

Armed with a knew found knowledge and love of cocktail making, if The Little Gin Company weren’t ready for Summer before, we are now!!!

(…and did we mention we are available to hire for parties, hen do’s, weddings, corporate events or just any excuse to drink more gin and cocktails!)