Why Gin Makes the Perfect Accompaniment to Networking

‘Networking’ is a rather formal title assigned to something that most of us do very naturally as part
of our day to day lives, in professional and personal circumstances.

We meet people in lots of different situations and may have fleeting interactions, or build more significant relationships – whichever the outcome, networking can be a wonderful thing. But how many of you have been in a work situation and seen on an agenda a designated slot for ‘Networking’ and felt your blood run cold? (hopefully not just us!) Suddenly when forced to ‘network’ at a specific time it seems to add a layer of pressure to make sure you work the crowd, have engaging conversations and make valued new relationships. Ok, so maybe it isn’t always so bad, but we do think we may have a solution to make even the most nervous networkers relaxed…GIN!

Over the last few years we have provided pop-up gin bars with gin tasting experiences to a wide variety of corporate functions and seen the benefit an experience and focal point brings to a networking session. Whilst a little alcohol can of course be beneficial to help people feel relaxed we are not advocating just getting everyone sloshed (although in some cases this may be an added bonus). A gin tasting experience actually provides a place to congregate and an activity to break up any possible awkward exchanges. It gives guests something interesting and non-work related to discuss and share opinions on. Gin is a hot topic these days and is something most people are keen to try and discuss, but most importantly it is fun and informal.

Why not consider a gin tasting experience as part of your next event, it can work brilliantly to provide an added feature alongside any type of networking! Email info@thelittlegincompany.com for more information.