Gin Tasting Shenanigans

We love our job (drinking endless gin in the name of research – who wouldn’t?!) and the variety that comes with it. Our gin tasting packages work well for such a spectrum of events…

One week we can be running a session for a group of PHD Chemistry students and the next we can be with a brilliant bunch of hen’s; where drinks are not complete without a willy straw 😉 Whoever the group, we always have a brilliant time.

Most events begin with a little history (we make sure everyone has a G&T in hand from the outset), giving a brief overview of gin and its origins, botanicals and the tasting sequence to come.  A line up of 4-6 different gins is typical, providing a wide spectrum of tasting notes to give a good variety of flavours. Not everyone enjoys gin neat, so we prefer to offer the tasting gins as mini G&T’s. A good sniff of the gin neat, then a splash of tonic to bring out the flavours. Oh what a difference a good garnish makes! Adding the garnish as the last stage in the tasting enables to taster to see what added botanicals this draws out in the drink.

The gin tasting session is normally rounded off with each person selecting their favourite gin to enjoy as a full drink in a big copa glass (and perhaps one or two more after that!). The gin tasting experience is truly a personal thing and there are no right or wrong responses to each gin in our sessions. It is great to hear feedback on different gins and the individual preferences and all sessions end in high spirits (surely down to our excellent format – and perhaps a little down to plenty of gin being consumed!).

Get in touch if you fancy having a gin tasting event – any occasion or excuse to drink gin 🙂



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