‘I made a lovely Gin’: An afternoon at Gin School

Gin lover and all round superstar Marcia told us she was attending Gin School and we said we would love for her to write a blog for us about her experience – and of course she did.  Read on below to hear about our guest bloggers gin making experience….

Being a gin lover I was excited and nervous to attend an afternoon class at the 45 West Gin School, I was going to be distilling my own bottle of gin, what an experience to have but wait…..what if the gin I made didn’t taste great?!

The Gin School began with a very informative and entertaining tour of the distillery, 45 West Gin School are the makers of Burleigh’s Gin which is based on the botanicals growing in the Burleighs natural woodland reserve. At this stage I was keen to arm myself with the knowledge to make the best gin ever so I paid attention like my (gin) life depended on it!

After the tour we were given free rein on the botanicals to create our own gin flavouring, with the guidance on how much juniper and a general guide to include a ‘pinch’ of everything else, ‘Generally, if you like the smell of it, you’ll like it in a gin’ they said! This task then became slightly terrifying….. how do you know what Wormwood tastes like once it is distilled? Luckily, I was fuelled with confidence by the terrific staff and a few delightful Burleigh’s gin and tonics.

The process of distilling was a lot of fun, I was guided at every stage including sealing and labelling my finished product. You’ll be pleased to know I created a lovely gin, which included notes of elderberry, vanilla, orange, grapefruit and rhubarb. I had a fantastic afternoon and would thoroughly recommend the experience to any gin lover!