Our Radio Debut on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire

When the Vic Minett show, on BBC Coventry & Warwickshire called to ask if we would like to take part in a feature on the rise of gin, of course we jumped at the chance (being the fame hungry gin lovers that we are!!!)

It was also the perfect opportunity to promote our very own Trailer Made Gin…which slipped down very nicely at 10.15am. Vic thought it was stunning. We of course agree!

We also had chance to discuss why we thought our favourite tipple had become so very trendy, and why the market continues to boom. In our opinion it boils down to one buzz word: ‘ARTISAN’.

Much like the craft beer world, the gin industry has welcomed small batch, artisan, craft distilleries with open arms. As well as quirky, independent businesses, like us, The Little Gin Company. The consumer is becoming increasingly keen to shop local, and support small businesses within their community; interesting businesses with a face and a personality that they can really get to know, and engage with. The world of artisan gin offers them just that opportunity. It also offers them a gin drinking experience, that can be enjoyed solo (some people simply refuse to share gin!), or in social situations. The variety of gins, flavoured gins, tonics, and alternative mixers, the all important garnish choice…and even the glass in which your ginny beverage it is created all adds to the artisan experience which we have grown to love. And long may it continue.

For more information on our gin themed services, or to invite us onto your radio show (with gin samples), email info@thelittlegincompany.com